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Friday the 13th DUI Checkpoints Planned for Northwest Columbus (Sawmill Rd) & Delaware (SR37)

Friday, September 13, 2013 Don’t be superstitious, just have a sober driver this Friday the 13th! DUI Checkpoints Planned for Northwest Columbus, and in Delaware. NBC4i released that the Delaware Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol will have a sobriety checkpoint on SR37 in Delaware tonight starting at 9pm. NBC4i released the announcement by… (read more)

Drug Recognition Experts: An Effective Tool or Junk Science?

Imagine a situation where someone is driving erratically, crossing over lanes, swerving, and seems to be impaired.  Police pull this driver over and does a field sobriety test which includes a breathalyzer, but no alcohol is detected in their system because the driver didn’t drink alcohol, but took drugs instead.   If it seems the driver… (read more)