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Sobriety / DUI / DWI Checkpoint Announced Near Indian Lake Tonight

Thursday August 29, 2013 If you plan on starting this holiday weekend early by visiting one of the many bars at Indian Lake tonight, take note that there is scheduled to be a Sobriety (DUI, DWI, OVMI) Checkpoint on State Route 366 in the Village of Russells Point, Ohio.  Officers from the Ohio State Highway… (read more)

Drug Recognition Experts: An Effective Tool or Junk Science?

Imagine a situation where someone is driving erratically, crossing over lanes, swerving, and seems to be impaired.  Police pull this driver over and does a field sobriety test which includes a breathalyzer, but no alcohol is detected in their system because the driver didn’t drink alcohol, but took drugs instead.   If it seems the driver… (read more)