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Columbus, OH DUI Checkpoints on Riverside Drive and Refugee Rd. Tonight

Friday June 10, 2016 Columbus, OH DUI Checkpoint If you live in or near Columbus, today is bringing excellent weather for boating on O’Shaunessy or Griggs Reservoir or enjoying Happy Hour libations on a patio with friends. If your route home has you travelling down Riverside Drive you may find yourself being checked for alcohol… (read more)

Marijuana Breathalyzers: Coming to a DUI Checkpoint Near You

By now, everyone knows (or should know) that driving high can lead to a DUI. And although marijuana laws have been relaxed, no state will ever allow a “stoned” driver to operate a motor vehicle. Testing to determine whether a person is “driving high” is expensive, time consuming, and limited to the analysis of blood… (read more)

Columbus, Dublin, Perry Twp DUI Checkpoint Tonight on Sawmill Road North of 270

Friday September 18, 2015 The Franklin County DUI Task Force has a Sobriety Checkpoint planned tonight on Sawmill Road, North of I-270. The OVI/DUI Checkpoint is scheduled to take place from 7:30 p.m. until around 11:30 p.m. Columbus, Ohio OVI Defense Attorney Joe Edwards always encourages safe driving practices as well as responsible drinking and designated… (read more)

Dublin/Columbus, Ohio DUI Checkpoint on Sawmill Road Tonight

Friday March 19, 2015 If you are planning your trip downtown, to a local drinking establishment for the tournament, or visiting friends, take note that Columbus Police have a DUI Checkpoint scheduled tonight on Sawmill Road. 9 p.m. Friday night – 3 a.m. Saturday morning on Sawmill Road near Festival Lane. This falls within the high traffic… (read more)

3 Easy Apps to Help You Avoid Getting a DUI

Technology can be one of the easiest ways to avoid making that dreaded call to a Columbus, Ohio DUI Attorney, because you have been charged with a DUI. There are an abundance of apps for your smartphone designed to help you avoid everything from getting behind the wheel to sobriety checkpoints. Here are three of our… (read more)

Franklin County DUI Task Force to Run All Out Blitz on Big Game Sunday With Saturation Patrols Targeting Suspected Drunk Drivers in Columbus and Surrounding Areas

It is time for another “Big Game” Sunday and the weather here in Columbus, Ohio is expected to be a wintery mix, with rain turning to snow. Additionally, this is a day that there are typically a lot of parties to watch the game so you can expect plenty of vehicles on the road. Whether… (read more)

West Side Columbus Ohio DUI Checkpoints Tonight

Friday October 10, 2014 From 9-11 p.m. West Broad Street at I-70, Near the BMV in Columbus, Ohio (It is not specified which whether the Columbus Police DUI Checkpoint will set up to the east or west of I-70. From 1-3 a.m. Saturday Morning Georgesville Rd at Atlanta Drive   While we always recommend and… (read more)

North Side Columbus Ohio DUI Checkpoints on Karl Rd and Cleveland Ave

Friday September 26, 2014 Columbus Ohio DUI Checkpoints Columbus Police have scheduled to hold two OVI / DUI checkpoints tonight on the North Side of Columbus. 9p.m. – 11p.m. Columbus Police have a sobriety checkpoint planned on Karl Rd. at Penworth Drive 1a.m. – 3a.m. Columbus Police have a drunk driving checkpoint scheduled on Cleveland… (read more)

Columbus, Ohio DUI Checkpoints on Southwest Side Tonight

Friday July 11, 2014 The Franklin County DUI Task Force has announced two checkpoints planned for tonight. Both checkpoints are scheduled to be north of Grove City, on the southwest side of Columbus, on or near Harrisburg Pike. From 9-11p.m. a DUI Checkpoint is planned to be on Frank Rd, east of Harrisburg Pike. It… (read more)

DUI Checkpoint “Somewhere” on US 23 in Delaware County

Friday June 20, 2014 The Delaware County Sheriff and Ohio State Highway Patrol will be operating a Sobriety Checkpoint on State Route 23 in Delaware County tonight. The checkpoint is scheduled to be held from 9p.m. – 1a.m. Saturday morning. According to an article in the Columbus Dispatch “The specific locations are never revealed ahead… (read more)