Some Helpful Tips During a DUI Stop

As criminal lawyers and Columbus Ohio DUI defense attorneys,  we are often asked what people should do when they are pulled over by the police and asked to take a field sobriety test. The usual advice is to remind people that they do not have to take either the breathalyzer or field sobriety test. Rather, they should politely decline to take the tests and contact an attorney. We also remind people that it is important to be respectful but firm with the police officers when asserting their rights. It is never a good idea to be rude or hostile as such behavior can escalate the situation and lead to additional charges.

Cartwheels During a DUI Stop

According to NBC4i, a New Mexico woman has added a new and very creative item to our list of things to remember during a DUI stop.

When officers came across the woman sleeping in her car and noticed that she smelled of alcohol, they asked her to perform sobriety tests.  As the officer asked her to walk in a straight line ,she apparently decided to perform a series of cartwheels. The officers give her another chance to perform the task, even demonstrating how to walk in a straight line. The woman proceeded to do another cart wheel kicking the officer in the process. She was placed under arrest and taken to the station where she kicked an officer leading to an assault charge in addition to the aggravated DWI charge.

So, to recap: DO respectfully assert your rights during a traffic stop when an officer suspects you are under the influence; Do NOT do cartwheels during a DUI Stop. If you are arrested, ask to contact your DUI lawyer before answering any questions or taking any tests.




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