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Can I Be Charged with D.U.I. in Columbus, Ohio while Just Sitting in My Car?

Last week, a former Ohio State football player and potential first round NFL draft choice was charged with D.U.I. when he was found sitting in a parked car in a downtown Columbus, Ohio parking lot.  The player was fully cooperative with the police and registered a negligible .008 on the Breathalyzer or almost 10 times… (read more)

Bicycles and OVI: Why Cycling to the Bar isn’t Better than Driving

In recent months, we have received several calls and emails from people who have been cited for OVI while cycling home from a bar or party.  Their comments are always the same:  “I thought I was doing the responsible thing by biking!  I didn’t even know you could get a DUI on a bike!”  These… (read more)