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Friday the Thirteenth DUI Checkpoint in Gahanna

Friday May 13, 2016 The Franklin County DUI Task Force has a DUI/OVI/Sobriety Checkpoint scheduled in the Gahanna area of Franklin County for this Friday the Thirteenth. The DUI Checkpoint is scheduled to be held on Hamilton Rd. south of Havens Corners Rd. The DUI Checkpoint between Gahanna and Blacklick is scheduled to be operated… (read more)

Distracted Driving: The New Battle to Keep Drivers Safe

We have all seen the familiar “It Can Wait” commercials interspersed with the more traditional drinking and driving campaigns lately. The ads are in response to a sharp rise in road fatalities in recent years. Road fatalities had been steadily falling for years and the new trend upwards is alarming, up 8 percent in 2015… (read more)

Marijuana Breathalyzers: Coming to a DUI Checkpoint Near You

By now, everyone knows (or should know) that driving high can lead to a DUI. And although marijuana laws have been relaxed, no state will ever allow a “stoned” driver to operate a motor vehicle. Testing to determine whether a person is “driving high” is expensive, time consuming, and limited to the analysis of blood… (read more)

The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black

“Violence is rare, but routine traffic stops more frequently lead to searches, arrests and the opening of a trapdoor into the criminal justice system that can have a lifelong impact, especially for those without the financial or other resources to negotiate it.” Read more from this article by following the link below:

Ohio – Delaware County and Franklin County DUI Checkpoints Planned Tonight

Friday, August 14, 2015 Checkpoints on Sawmill Parkway (Delaware County), and Hilliard-Rome Rd and Cemetery Rd in Hilliard, Ohio (Franklin County) The Ohio State Highway Patrol has a DUI/Sobriety checkpoint planned for tonight on Sawmill Parkway. To the north toward and through Powell, Ohio, Sawmill Rd. turns into Sawmill Parkway. While the OSHP has not… (read more)

Understanding Your Rights at a Traffic Stop

    The news seems to be filled with stories involving traffic stops gone awry. From Samuel Dubose in Ohio to Sandra Bland in Texas, the stories provoke many emotions. The stories, especially that of Ms. Bland, have left many people wondering what their rights are during traffic stops and when you can refuse an… (read more)

Franklin County DUI Task Force Holding Checkpoints in Hilliard Tonight

Friday July 25th, 2014 DUI Checkpoints near Columbus, OH From 9-11p.m. tonight the Franklin County DUI Task Force has scheduled to hold a DUI Checkpoint in Hilliard, Ohio at or near the intersection of Cemetary Road and Lacon Road. From 11:30p.m. – 1:30a.m. the Franklin County DUI Task Force has scheduled to hold an OVI… (read more)