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Drunk Driving: A Nightmare to “Dreamers” and Immigration Status?

As the temperatures rise around Columbus, the number of DUI’s also rise. People often speak about the hidden costs of a DUI in reference to court costs, attorneys fees, driver’s license suspension, and lost wages, but for young immigrants applying for stays under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act (DACA), the hidden costs can… (read more)

Franklin County DUI Taskforce arrests 6 for OVI on Friday the 13th

Update to the Northwest Columbus DUI checkpoint we posted yesterday: Perry Twp Police, Worthington Police, Sharon Township PD, and the Franklin County Sheriff conducted a sobriety checkpoint on Sawmill Rd yesterday.  According to NBC4i  the Franklin County DUI Task Force reported that of the 1158 vehicles that passed through the DWI checkpoint, they arrested 6… (read more)

Ohio DUI / OVI and Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL): What You Need to Know

In Ohio, Commercial Driver Licenses (CDLs) are required for people who drive commercial vehicles.  Commercial vehicles are defined under Ohio Revised Code §4506.01 and are required to drive school busses, eighteen-wheelers, construction vehicles, and others.  There are three classes of CDLs in Ohio and the type of vehicle that can be operated depends on the… (read more)