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New Case Makes Ohio DUI Cases Tougher to Defend

Imagine you are ordered into the front seat of a cruiser after a traffic stop. The average person would believe they are in police custody and not free to leave, right? And because you are in custody, the police cannot ask questions without advising you first of your Miranda Rights. But this week, the Ohio… (read more)

Some Helpful Tips During a DUI Stop

As criminal lawyers and Columbus Ohio DUI defense attorneys,  we are often asked what people should do when they are pulled over by the police and asked to take a field sobriety test. The usual advice is to remind people that they do not have to take either the breathalyzer or field sobriety test. Rather,… (read more)

Drunk Driving: A Nightmare to “Dreamers” and Immigration Status?

As the temperatures rise around Columbus, the number of DUI’s also rise. People often speak about the hidden costs of a DUI in reference to court costs, attorneys fees, driver’s license suspension, and lost wages, but for young immigrants applying for stays under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act (DACA), the hidden costs can… (read more)

Franklin County DUI Task Force to Run All Out Blitz on Big Game Sunday With Saturation Patrols Targeting Suspected Drunk Drivers in Columbus and Surrounding Areas

It is time for another “Big Game” Sunday and the weather here in Columbus, Ohio is expected to be a wintery mix, with rain turning to snow. Additionally, this is a day that there are typically a lot of parties to watch the game so you can expect plenty of vehicles on the road. Whether… (read more)

Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs

    Kerry Kennedy, the former wife of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy was acquitted last year of DUI charges stemming from an early morning car crash. Kennedy was found at the scene of the accident slumped over the steering wheel of her SUV and disoriented. The Police charged… (read more)

DUI Checkpoint “Somewhere” on US 23 in Delaware County

Friday June 20, 2014 The Delaware County Sheriff and Ohio State Highway Patrol will be operating a Sobriety Checkpoint on State Route 23 in Delaware County tonight. The checkpoint is scheduled to be held from 9p.m. – 1a.m. Saturday morning. According to an article in the Columbus Dispatch “The specific locations are never revealed ahead… (read more)

Can I Be Charged with D.U.I. in Columbus, Ohio while Just Sitting in My Car?

Last week, a former Ohio State football player and potential first round NFL draft choice was charged with D.U.I. when he was found sitting in a parked car in a downtown Columbus, Ohio parking lot.  The player was fully cooperative with the police and registered a negligible .008 on the Breathalyzer or almost 10 times… (read more)

Fake Drug Checkpoints: Drivers Beware!

Ohio police are utilizing a new technique to arrest drivers: fake drug check points.  According to Cleveland’s  Plain Dealer, police in Mayfield Heights set up yellow signs that stated “Drug Checkpoint Ahead”.  Because drivers are used to sobriety checkpoints, which are legal, most drivers assume that  drug checkpoints are also legal.  But it is important… (read more)

Drug Recognition Experts: An Effective Tool or Junk Science?

Imagine a situation where someone is driving erratically, crossing over lanes, swerving, and seems to be impaired.  Police pull this driver over and does a field sobriety test which includes a breathalyzer, but no alcohol is detected in their system because the driver didn’t drink alcohol, but took drugs instead.   If it seems the driver… (read more)

What is “GERD” and is it relevant to my Columbus, Ohio DUI case?

Over 20 plus years as an Ohio Attorney, when representing people charged with DUI my clients often tell me that the breath test must be wrong and they did not drink enough to have a high breathalyzer test. If you, too, have been charged with a DUI in Columbus or Central Ohio, it is important… (read more)