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Can I Be Charged with D.U.I. in Columbus, Ohio while Just Sitting in My Car?

Last week, a former Ohio State football player and potential first round NFL draft choice was charged with D.U.I. when he was found sitting in a parked car in a downtown Columbus, Ohio parking lot.  The player was fully cooperative with the police and registered a negligible .008 on the Breathalyzer or almost 10 times… (read more)

Open Container Laws in Columbus, Ohio May Be Changing

Current Ohio law prohibits the possession of an opened container of beer or intoxicating liquor on certain premises (Ohio Revised Code 4301.62). However, there is now proposed legislation that, if enacted, would exempt areas in Ohio’s major cities (with 50,000+ residents) from these open container laws. These designated districts would be known as “open container… (read more)

Open Container Laws and Tailgating: What you Need to Know

Last weekend marked the beginning of football season here in Buckeye Nation.  As expected, thousands of fans came out to The Ohio State University campus area in Columbus wearing their scarlet and grey with a six-pack and a hope for victory.  While many “pre-game” at bars and private residences, tailgating is still one of the… (read more)