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Columbus, OH DUI Checkpoints on Riverside Drive and Refugee Rd. Tonight

Friday June 10, 2016 Columbus, OH DUI Checkpoint If you live in or near Columbus, today is bringing excellent weather for boating on O’Shaunessy or Griggs Reservoir or enjoying Happy Hour libations on a patio with friends. If your route home has you travelling down Riverside Drive you may find yourself being checked for alcohol… (read more)

Marijuana Breathalyzers: Coming to a DUI Checkpoint Near You

By now, everyone knows (or should know) that driving high can lead to a DUI. And although marijuana laws have been relaxed, no state will ever allow a “stoned” driver to operate a motor vehicle. Testing to determine whether a person is “driving high” is expensive, time consuming, and limited to the analysis of blood… (read more)

Westerville Rd DUI/OVI Sobriety Checkpoint Tonight

Friday October 23, 2015 Before you head to that Halloween party tonight dressed as a police officer, escaped convict, or a zombie, you should be aware that the real police will be conducting DUI checkpoint in on Westerville Rd. tonight. As often tradition in the Halloween season, many people will be driving downtown Columbus for the Highball in the… (read more)

Two North Columbus DUI and Drug Checkpoints Scheduled Tonight

Friday September 25, 2015 Two Sobriety checkpoints are planned tonight on the North side of Columbus. Both checkpoints are scheduled to have Drug Recognition Experts. Drug Recognition Experts, also referred to as DRE’s are specially trained police officers who assess drug impairment based on a specific set of guidelines, such as, eye movement and certain behavioral… (read more)

Halloween DUI Checkpoints in Franklin County

Halloween, Friday October 31, 2014 As you plan your Halloween festivities for tonight, a designated sober driver is a good thing to consider to help prevent accidents and avoid the necessity of the services of Columbus, Ohio DUI Lawyer. The Franklin County DUI Task Force has two DUI checkpoints scheduled tonight in Pleasant Township. From… (read more)

Columbus, OH DUI Checkpoints to Begin Labor Day Weekend

Friday August 29, 2014 Columbus Ohio DUI Checkpoints – Friday Night & Saturday Morning The beginning of Labor Day Weekend will bring two DUI Checkpoints in Columbus, Ohio, as announced by the Columbus Police Department. Friday Night Checkpoint South of Linden 9p.m. – 11p.m. E. Fifth Ave. at Joyce Ave., Columbus, OH 43219 Saturday Morning… (read more)

Columbus Ohio DUI Checkpoints on Bethel and Westerville Rd

Friday June 20, 2014 From 9p.m. – 11p.m. tonight Columbus Police will be operating a drunk driving checkpoint on Bethel Rd. to the East of Pickforde Rd. Saturday morning from 1a.m. – 3a.m. another DUI checkpoint will be operated on Westerville Rd. north of Cooper Rd. As stated in our earlier DUI Checkpoint release, there… (read more)

Friday the 13th DUI Checkpoints in Gahanna and Hilliard, Ohio

Whether you are superstitious and believe that trouble comes on Friday the 13th or not, you should be a little extra cautious tonight if you are in the Gahanna or Hilliard areas. Gahanna, Ohio Sobriety Checkpoint: The Columbus Dispatch announced that a sobriety checkpoint will be set up tonight (Friday the 13th) in Gahanna. The… (read more)

Columbus Ohio DUI Checkpoint Locations

April 18, 2014 According to WTVN sobriety checkpoints will be held tonight at the intersections of E. Hudson and Azelda Ave. in northeast Columbus from 9 p.m. through 1 a.m. and in the Saturday morning hours in North Columbus at the intersection of N. High and E. Tompkins Street from 1 a.m. through 3 a.m…. (read more)

DUI Field Sobriety Tests in Ohio and Marijuana: What is the Relevancy?

The standardized field sobriety tests (SFST) which are discussed in detail on a previous blog are routinely administered when a driver is pulled over for D.U.I.  The police will request that the driver perform three tasks: 1) the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) which requires the following of a pen with your eyes while the officer… (read more)