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D.U.I. Arrests and Warrantless Blood Draws

By now you have seen the July 26th body camera video from a South Lake Police officers in an emergency room at a Utah hospital. The officer wanted blood drawn from an unconscious patient who was struck by a vehicle driven by a suspect fleeing police. Blood draws are a routine part of accident investigations… (read more)

3 Easy Apps to Help You Avoid Getting a DUI

Technology can be one of the easiest ways to avoid making that dreaded call to a Columbus, Ohio DUI Attorney, because you have been charged with a DUI. There are an abundance of apps for your smartphone designed to help you avoid everything from getting behind the wheel to sobriety checkpoints. Here are three of our… (read more)

Ohio Supreme Court Allows Challenges to Breath Tests

Last week, The Ohio Supreme Court issued a ruling that could throw into question thousands of drunken driving convictions in Ohio. The Court upheld the ability of a DUI defendant to challenge the accuracy of breath-alcohol testing machines. The ruling stems from a 2011 case out of Cincinnati in which a man lost control of… (read more)

Can I Be Charged with D.U.I. in Columbus, Ohio while Just Sitting in My Car?

Last week, a former Ohio State football player and potential first round NFL draft choice was charged with D.U.I. when he was found sitting in a parked car in a downtown Columbus, Ohio parking lot.  The player was fully cooperative with the police and registered a negligible .008 on the Breathalyzer or almost 10 times… (read more)

Drug Recognition Experts: An Effective Tool or Junk Science?

Imagine a situation where someone is driving erratically, crossing over lanes, swerving, and seems to be impaired.  Police pull this driver over and does a field sobriety test which includes a breathalyzer, but no alcohol is detected in their system because the driver didn’t drink alcohol, but took drugs instead.   If it seems the driver… (read more)

What is “GERD” and is it relevant to my Columbus, Ohio DUI case?

Over 20 plus years as an Ohio Attorney, when representing people charged with DUI my clients often tell me that the breath test must be wrong and they did not drink enough to have a high breathalyzer test. If you, too, have been charged with a DUI in Columbus or Central Ohio, it is important… (read more)

Can Police Force You to Take a Test?

Can police force a suspected drunk driver – without consent, and without a warrant – to take a blood test? In October 2010, Missouri police stopped Tyler McNeely for speeding and erratic driving. At the scene, McNeely appeared intoxicated. He failed a field sobriety test and refused the breath test. He was transported to the… (read more)

Yes, in Ohio You Can Get a DUI/OVI – even in a Parking Lot!

Many Ohioans have the mistaken belief that in order to be arrested for an OVI, you have to be on a public roadway.  Because of this fact, it is not unusual for people who find themselves about to be pulled over to pull into their driveway or a parking lot to try and avoid the… (read more)

New Alcohol Breath Test Coming To Columbus

The newest alcohol breathalyzer test that made its appearance in 2009 is the Intoxylizer 8000 and is now rolling out across Ohio.  It is already in Athens and Pickaway counties and is scheduled to roll out in Franklin County in January of 2012.  The test’s reliability in determining a person’s blood alcohol content has already… (read more)