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Columbus Ohio DUI Checkpoint Locations

April 18, 2014 According to WTVN sobriety checkpoints will be held tonight at the intersections of E. Hudson and Azelda Ave. in northeast Columbus from 9 p.m. through 1 a.m. and in the Saturday morning hours in North Columbus at the intersection of N. High and E. Tompkins Street from 1 a.m. through 3 a.m…. (read more)

DUI Field Sobriety Tests in Ohio and Marijuana: What is the Relevancy?

The standardized field sobriety tests (SFST) which are discussed in detail on a previous blog are routinely administered when a driver is pulled over for D.U.I.  The police will request that the driver perform three tasks: 1) the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) which requires the following of a pen with your eyes while the officer… (read more)