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Columbus, Ohio DUI Checkpoint Tonight

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, and green beer beginning to flow in Ohio, Columbus Police will be holding a DUI/Sobriety checkpoint on Sawmill Rd south of Dublin-Granville Rd. As reported by the Columbus Dispatch, the checkpoint is scheduled to be held from 9p.m. Friday March 15th through 3a.m. Saturday March 16th 2013.    … (read more)

What is “GERD” and is it relevant to my Columbus, Ohio DUI case?

Over 20 plus years as an Ohio Attorney, when representing people charged with DUI my clients often tell me that the breath test must be wrong and they did not drink enough to have a high breathalyzer test. If you, too, have been charged with a DUI in Columbus or Central Ohio, it is important… (read more)