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Can the Police Pull You Over for Being a Buckeye Fan?

Buckeye leaf similar to the ones on Ohio State team helmets are commonly displayed by fans in various ways including sticking them to their car.

Apparently, being a Ohio State fan is not only an infraction in Michigan. Recently in Tennessee, a couple in their mid-60’s were driving down the highway with a Buckeye leaf symbol affixed to their car. They were stopped by a pair of black SUV’s containing officers wearing body armor and carrying guns (possibly a drug… (read more)

Marijuana & Ohio DUI Laws

In all 50 states, drivers can be guilty of DUI (driving under the influence) if they have been using marijuana. There’s increased focus on marijuana and impaired driving, especially after 2 states – Colorado and Washington – legalized marijuana’s recreational use. In Ohio, marijuana isn’t legal for recreational nor medical purposes; however, it is helpful… (read more)