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Franklin County DUI Task Force – Sobriety Checkpoint in Hilliard,Ohio

Friday August 31, 2012 On the eve of the first Ohio State home game of the 2012 football season, the Franklin County DUI Task Force is set to hold a sobriety checkpoint in Hilliard, Ohio tonight with the hopes of deterring drinking while driving. In 1993 The Ohio Department of Public Safety formed the Franklin… (read more)

Ohio DUI / OVI Checkpoints – West Jefferson & Lancaster

Madison County Ohio: Ohio State Highway Patrol along with West Jefferson police officers OVI / DUI Checkpoint announced for Friday August 03, 2012  scheduled from 9pm-1am along U.S. 40 in West Jefferson, Ohio   Fairfield County Ohio: Ohio State Highway Patrol along with Lancaster police and the Fairfield County Sheriff’s office: DUI / OVI Checkpoint… (read more)

Ohio DUI / OVI and Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL): What You Need to Know

In Ohio, Commercial Driver Licenses (CDLs) are required for people who drive commercial vehicles.  Commercial vehicles are defined under Ohio Revised Code §4506.01 and are required to drive school busses, eighteen-wheelers, construction vehicles, and others.  There are three classes of CDLs in Ohio and the type of vehicle that can be operated depends on the… (read more)